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Complimentary Color Correction with Legacy Duplication


April 17, 2013 by admin

Home movies often have undesired attributes owing mostly to consumer production and to a lesser extent the limitations of consumer grade video camcorders. These camcorders are designed and manufactured for affordability with lots and lots of automation. In most cases the automation is a life saver because the last thing on mom & pops mind at Bobbie’s first birthday is what lens filter to use and lighting. Mom & pops are capturing memories, not studying imaging. As a result, minor imaging issues materialize such as a color cast from improper white balance.

Decades later mom and pops want to preserve these video memories for their children and grand children. That is where we at W. Cardone Productions come in. It is our objective to duplicate legacy memories into the digital domain in such a way that they are viewer friendly. Once in a while we are able to actually improve the original quality of the video which we do on a complimentary basis.

Presented here is a one minute example where we corrected for improper white balance from the original imaging. The setting is a dance studio where mercury vapor lighting is used. This lighting easily fools a consumer grade camcorder’s white balance. It is a particular nuisance because it comes in various shades of color and a given lamp even changes color as its temperature changes.


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