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The “VOICE-O-GRAPH” Recording Booths of the 1940s


February 1, 2013 by admin

Vintage Audio Recording 78rpmStarting in the 1940s there were coin operated audio recording booths found at county fairs and other public assemblies. Most people reading this are probably thinking to themselves, “The 40s? Wasn’t that when T. Rex still roamed the earth and somebody was just thinking of inventing the wheel?” For twenty-five cents a person could step into the recording booth, drop in his or her quarter, and start recording a 3 minute message or sing a song recorded to a 78rpm record. These records were then mailed to friends and family who probably played them once and then stuck them in the closet to become a forgotten memory. Decades later adult children are finding these legacies and wondering what memories might lie underneath. Imagine the thrill they experience when they are able to hear mom and pops singing “Down in the Valley” with teenaged voices!

You may have treasures such as these in your closet that you have forgotten about. Don’t let them become forgotten memories. Act today.


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