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Pro Wedding Videography — “How do I decide?”


April 30, 2009 by admin

Deciding how anything concerning your wedding is going to be accomplished should be done with careful thought. The Bible says, “There is safety in a multitude of counselors.”

Try to contact recent brides and get their opinions. Whether they got pro video services or not, consider each opinion. Consider especially opinions from those who received video services. To find brides consider joining web forums and solicit opinions of past brides. Ask your friends and relatives for names and contact information of past brides.

Most recent brides will overflow with answers if you ask them about their wedding and services they contracted for. Here are some questions to ask recent brides:

·        If you had to pick between your still photos and video, which would you say is more important to you? 

·        What was your original reasoning for having pro-videography?

·        How did you find your videographer? 

·        If you had it to do again, what would you do different with your videography arrangements? 

·        Were there any particular aspects of wedding videography you had in mind when shopping? 

·        If shopping again:

o       Where would you look for pro videographers?

o       What would you look for?

o       What questions would you ask?

·        What differences did you observe between those you interviewed?

·        What “Lessons-Learned” did you come away with after your wedding concerning videography? 

·        Do you know of any other recent brides who might like to answer these same questions?


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