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Preserving Memories of the Day Itself


May 3, 2009 by admin


One very powerful set of memories lost with time from your wedding are those pertaining to the day itself. 

  1. Things that went wrong that day.
  2. What surprising things happened that day.
  3. What looked like it was going wrong but worked out in the end.
  4. What was the groom thinking as he saw his bride in her wedding dress for the first time.
  5. What was the bride thinking as she walked down the isle with her father. 

At W. Cardone Productions we have developed an incredibly powerful technique to preserve these and other memories from a wedding day.


One or two weeks after the wedding we have the couple come to our studio to answer a series of prepared questions pertaining to their wedding day. We record their responses complete with all the laughter as they explain what happened that day. We then place the audio of these responses in appropriate places of their wedding DVD as a “director’s cut” option that the viewer can interactively select from the DVD’s menu. By default those responses will not be heard. When enabled, however, the responses will be heard as the original video lowers slightly.


Please ask to see a sample of how this works. Only then can you fully appreciate how powerful a memory preservation technique this is.


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