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Your Wedding Timeline Budget


May 29, 2009 by admin

Everybody knows that you need to budget your finances if you want to keep from going crazy. Not many brides-to-be, however, think about budgeting the time for the day of their wedding. For months they plan details of the wedding day, they accurately manage a cost budget for the wedding but neglect to put on paper a timeline for events of their magic day. When the wedding day arrives they then experience needless anxiety as various milestones of the day pass and they wonder if there is enough time for a given task. Capturing wedding videography memories in motion is at times a time intensive task that must occur at specific times on the wedding day. With a printed timeline at hand she will know at a glance how things stack up being confident of when all is in order and when to become alarmed.

A sample wedding day timeline budget is shown in this post as an example of what one might look


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