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Microphone Distinctions


May 28, 2009 by admin

The audio that accompanies a professionally produced video is a critical component in developing overall quality of wedding videography. A viewer can easily ignore a slight color anomaly in the video but will not be able to get around the sound of an overhead ventilation fan or hum in the audio.

One of the distinctions few people consider in audio as it applies to wedding and event videography is the nature of microphones. Consider the typical wedding video showing the couple exchanging vows. At W. Cardone Productions we try to tap into the sanctuary sound mixer to capture any audio going into the public address system. This would, of course, include the couple as they exchange vows. However, the microphones usually used by churches are designed for clarity in public address and will not deliver the richness of the human voice. For this reason we like to place wireless microphones on both the groom and officiant. Often times this means that the officient is double-miked wearing a house mike and one of our wireless microphones.

Consider an experience we encountered two weeks ago at a wedding in Ann Arbor, The church hand-held wireless mike used to put couple’s vows on the PA had obviously taken a beating over the years. I noticed that it had problems dropping out during the ceremony but did not realize how bad it was until I hit the edit room. We had four mikes to capture the couple’s vows: 1. the church’s hand-held; 2. the groom’s lavaliere; 3; the officient’s church lavaliere; and 4. one of my lavalieres on the officient. The end result was an interaction between the church lavaliere and the hand-held such that an annoying echo resulted. However, because I had quality redundant audio to interactively select from I could key out the bad audio.

In addition, the wireless microphones we use for wedding ceremonies are designed to capture the richness of the human voice which adds a new depth to the viewing experience. Even whispers can be heard as if the viewer were at the altar with the couple.


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