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A Special Stage Lighting Consideration


April 30, 2009 by admin

When capturing video from staged events it is common to observe concentrated directed light from overhead spotlighting installed in the theater ceiling. This lighting, by design, usually lands on subjects on the stage that we are capturing to video. We are then forced to choose between a properly lit subject and an overall well lit stage. The former is always the winning choice but what this means is that the rest of the stage in the video takes on a shadow-like appearance.

For weddings we have found that it is better to have an evenly lit overall appearance so we ask the site staff to lower the overhead lights. You would think that we would crave any lighting we could get but this sort of lighting is counter-productive to good imaging. The surrounding ambient lighting is more than sufficient to allow us to capture fabulous video.

For staged events where almost all of the activity to be captured happens at a specific location such as a graduation ceremony, we elect to leave the overhead lighting unchanged. Intense light on the subject allows us to capture vivid color and skin tones that pop and look extremely pleasant to the video viewer. The background surrounding the speaker takes on a darker tone that corresponds with its lesser significance.


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