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Capturing the Marriage Proposal for Generations


August 4, 2009 by admin

A marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event that a couple will want to remember for a lifetime. Even more, a couple will want to share the event with others not only in the days and months before the wedding but even years down the road.

Imagine recreating scenes from that proposal and telling the details of it to show on cinema! The proposal would be immortalized for generations even yet unborn.

Presented here is the story of a marriage proposal made by Merrick Miranda to Katie Darnell. As you watch the story notice first the tender moments presented before the discussion where Katie and Merrick spend time together enjoying nature and each other’s presence at a scenic park with mood enhancing timeless music. Here the viewer becomes acquainted with Katie and Merrick so that when viewing their story a heart-felt joy will be experienced.

By way of interest, please notice what some may take to be a paid advertisement for a seafood restaurant.  While it may have the appearance of a paid advertisement, the purpose is in memory preservation for the couple. Ten or more years down the road seeing these things will bring back cherished memories. We are doing more than telling a story. We are capturing memories for generations.


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