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What about Backup Equipment?


May 26, 2009 by admin

Even new equipment can fail or have something go wrong with it. It can happen to anybody at any time and usually without warning. Wedding and event videography differs from a scheduled shoot in that we cannot simply reschedule. The show must go on.

There are probably two big items that we think about when it comes to backup equipment for wedding and event videography: 1. the video camera; and 2. wireless microphones. Most videographers have alternate cameras they can use should something prevent them from using a primary device. However, with the recent migration to high definition (HD) videography, many videographers may not have an alternate HD camera to pick up should a primary device become unavailable.

In discussing backup arrangements with a potential videographer it is wise to simply ask what alternatives he has should a piece of equipment suddenly become unavailable. Don’t reject a potential videographer based on this response alone. Use the information together with other information you have obtained to make an educated and wise choice.


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