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Audio Captured in Nature Videography


May 16, 2009 by admin

Here is another example of how powerful the human audio system is compared to modern technology.

When enjoying nature on a hike in a wildlife setting we can hear the birds chirping and other sounds of nature. We listen to those sounds and feel comforted by them as we enjoy our hike. However, try to do the same capturing the experience to video. You are in for a rude awakening.

When you play back video you have captured in nature, it is almost certain that in various spots of the video you will have audio containing annoying overhead aircraft sounds! But you say to yourself, “Those airplanes were not there when I captured this video. How did they get in?” The answer, of course, is that the airplanes were there all the while. You just did not notice them. Your brain is so powerful that it masked out those sounds allowing you to enjoy the nature sounds. The technology does not exist to do the same for your video.

In the edit room we can massage the audio masking out or at least reducing some isolated sounds. More posts will be written soon about these capabilities. However, audio massaging technology still can’t compare to the brain.

It makes you appreciate all the more magnificent the creation is.


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