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Film Transfer to DVD Compared with VHS


July 12, 2012 by admin

Have you ever wondered about the quality differences for an 8mm home movie transfer to DVD as opposed to VHS?

In the 1980s VHS video began to become widely used by consumers and many had their 8mm home movie collections duplicated to VHS. It was reasonable to assume that because technology advances generally mean improvements that the quality of their precious family memory legacies was preserved having been duplicated to VHS. Looking at the specifications, however, we find that 8mm home movie film was capable of resolving about 500 lines while VHS could only resolve 320. Our clients are always amazed when they see the difference between their old VHS duplications and the DVD renditions we are able to supply them with.

We have prepared here a side-by-side comparison of a typical VHS duplication with our modern duplication of that same film. Playing time is 7 minutes and 30 seconds illustrating a wide range of conditions.


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