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Speaking Your Vows with Comfort


November 28, 2010 by admin

Not many people realize that when you look good on video you also feel at ease and comfortable during its capture. For a number of years we would capture weddings in the Greater Detroit and Lansing areas and see some common threads that were negative elements in the video. As a result we started counseling couples before the wedding so that they could avoid those pitfalls. In so doing, the video we captured for those couples not only looked so much better, but they felt at ease and ready to meet all of the challenges at the altar. You would think that if they were concentrating during the vows on what their videographer told them, that they would miss what the entire wedding ceremony was all about. This is not the case at all. By understanding these things before reaching the altar, our couples are able to actually forget about the videographer and everyone else during the ceremony.

One of the things we counsel our couples on is how to speak their vows with comfort. For example, it is only natural for you to look at someone who is speaking to you. This can be very distracting during the vows if the couple has not thought it through first. We also talk to the couple about how to breathe for comfort at the altar.

Presented below is an example of a couple married earlier this year. The acoustics in a hall with a marble floor and marble wall facades was difficult but view the video and listen to the way the vows were spoken.


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