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Speak Your Vows with Meaning


March 1, 2010 by admin

All too often couples getting married are caught up on the details of all the preparations for the wedding day. It is all too easy lose sight of the reason for the day or at least have many peripheral issues cloud your mind.

If the minister does not tell you to, hold each other’s hands anyway when you start. In this way you can speak to each other without speaking during the vows. It will also cause a discontinuity in your own minds forcing you into the reality that the rubber is beginning to hit the road.

Concentrate on speaking slowly pronouncing each word. When the minister speaks each phrase that you are to repeat, allow for a brief hesitation as you hold the other’s hands and look directly into his or her eyes. As you speak each phrase communicate with your hands emotion. The hand communication will not be visible on the video but it will influence your voice and your entire demeanor.

One side benefit of holding each other’s hands during the vows is that it forces you to be close for an audio advantage. We never mike the bride but always mike the groom. When you hold hands it guarantees that the bride is close enough to the groom’s mike that her vows will be captured with stunning clarity.


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