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Don’t Neglect Safety at Your Wedding


September 20, 2010 by admin

All brides at least have in the back of their minds a worry that something horrific will go wrong on their magic day. They pray that their wedding day might not be spoiled by an event so horrific that if captured to video would become an instant YouTube hit. Worse… what if someone received personal injury because of a safety issue such as a light cord strung across a walk-way or an ornate glass decoration positioned such that playing children could tip it over.

In a DIY wedding you may find yourself placing decorations that create hazards you may have never thought of. We observed one such example recently at a wedding in Detroit. Please examine the photo below and observe the red circles identifying tall glass vases filled with water and marbles. These water-filled vases lined both sides of the processional isle where equipment laden photographers and videographers were to traverse. As the wedding began and the bridal party began to come down the isle, someone brushed against one of these vases causing it to fall and shatter spreading a million pieces of razor sharp glass, marbles, and water down the processional isle and into the guest seating. Several guests stepped up and began a quick cleanup picking up any marbles and glass shards that could be found. Fortunately, no marbles escaped detection for someone to later slip on and nobody was cut picking up the glass shards.

You may find beautiful ornamentation to grace your wedding day but always keep safety in mind. It can bite you when you least expect it.


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