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Look at Your Bride for the Vows


February 23, 2010 by admin

When it is time to say your vows, look directly into the eyes of your beloved and DO NOT turn to look at the minister. It is only natural for you to look at someone who is speaking to you. Consider the case of a handshake. It is almost impossible for you to not extend your right hand when someone else offers to you his hand in a greeting. It is like a slap in the face for you to not return your hand in like manner. 

Now, consider what we have at the altar. The two of you are standing at the altar looking at each other with the minister only an arm length away. The minister then speaks directly to one of you saying something on the order of, “Do you, Your Name, take Your Beloved’s Name to be your lawfully wedded…” Unless you have thought it through before hand it will be almost impossible for you to avoid turning your head away from your beloved to look at the minister who is speaking to you. There will be to you an illusion that you are offending the minister.

Taking this to the next level, when you turn to look at the minister your beloved will almost certainly turn to look at him as well. You end up with head bobbing that will look horrible in your video.

Well… rest assured, the minister will understand if both of you completely ignore him and merely repeat his words while never turning your eyes from your beloved.


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