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What to Ask: What About Photographers?


July 7, 2009 by admin

One of the skill sets videographers acquire is an ability to capture memories in motion at weddings and events such that the photographer does not get in the way. When you interview potential videographers you might consider asking them how they deal with photographers with respect to keeping their presence in your video at a low profile.

The optimum you are looking for is a set of vendors for your wedding or event that will work together for your benefit. The people you hire need to have a sense of urgency that they must communicate between themselves insulating you from various anomalies of the day. Your vendors need to have a concept that helping other vendors to succeed is part of their job.

The answer you are looking for from videographers you interview can take a lot of shapes. However, the answer that works is the one that does not center narrowly on videography but rather on a much larger perspective. Your videographer must express as part of his or her answer that part of a videographer’s job is accommodating the photographer’s needs. You also want to hear what the videographer does to insure that the photographer reciprocates. Listen for specific words addressing what steps are taken to that end.

When there is bi-lateral communication between the photographer and videographer you become the winner.


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