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Attending the Wedding Rehearsal


April 23, 2009 by admin

While we won’t have time to attend a rehearsal dinner, we think it is imperative that we attend the wedding rehearsal itself if we are providing a comprehensive capture of memories in motion. Unlike photography, videography deals with circumstances and conditions where pre-planning spells the difference between a huge success and good or only marginal results.


At the rehearsal we communicate to site staff and the wedding party where our cameras will be, who will get wireless mikes, where audio will be captured, what precise movement to expect from us during the ceremony, and other important information. In the process we learn what limitations exist in terms of the people and facilities involved.


The most important result from our planning at your rehearsal is that we can operate transparently on your wedding day. You will have confidence that we have your day under control allowing you freedom to enjoy your day for what it is—your cherished wedding day.


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