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Gain Knowledge–Interview Several Videographers


June 13, 2009 by admin

You have decided that you would like to have a video of your wedding, reunion, anniversary, or other event. The next step is to select a videographer. Please consider a few ground rules that will ensure you make an educated and wise choice while staying within your budget.

The first rule may seem at odds with one of your goals–staying within your budget. When interviewing videographers don’t be overly concerned with pricing and how much they charge. Be up front with videographers you interview and tell them roughly what you would like to spend but that at the same time you would like to know what is available. Tell them, “We are trying to get an education.” Any good videographer or artisan knows that if he does a good enough job in his presentation that the couple may be so deeply moved that they will seek out “papa” to help. If your potential videographer takes issue with that then you have addressed the next consideration found below.

One of the primary considerations you must address at all costs in securing a vendor for your wedding or event is only securing the help of individuals whom you can work with confidently and without hesitation. You want a friendly relationship to develop between you. You want someone who only says “yes” even when he says no. You want someone who leaves the distinct impression that he or she is dropping everything when you call.

One of the objectives in your search is to get an education. You want to find out what services are available and to see what sorts of styles exist for you to choose from. Having an education you will be more confident about a particular style or manner of video.

There are videographers who believe that the average bride-to-be will be sold on technology. If you find yourself listening to technical terminology that you don’t understand mark it down as a minus. What you are interested in are results and any vendor you select should understand that. Think about it: what would you rather hear about. Would you rather hear about capturing the beading of your wedding dress, the tear in your father’s eye, or would you rather hear about digital color sampling standards defined by the National Television Association?

Solomon wrote, in all his wisdom, saying, “There is safety in a multitude of counselors.” By visiting and talking with a number of videographers you will gain an improved understanding of the craft and can only improve on your ultimate selection.


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