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How Will My Movie Sound?


June 3, 2009 by admin

The audio of your wedding or event video is something that very few people think of until they experience it. When you interview a potential videographer you want to ask, “How will my movie sound?”

Most people are acquainted with a home-movie approach to video and become accustomed to it. That is, the audio is captured exclusively by an on-board microphone. This approach has many limitations. Servo noises from the camera itself are picked up. Operator handling of the camcorder often introduces noises. The voices and sounds of interest to the viewer are distant and usually sound tinny. Any whispered or muffled sounds are lost.

With professional videography  there is a completely different story. Persons of interest will wear a quality UHF diversity wireless microphone. These are free from static and highly resistant to dropouts. If there is more than one person of interest additional microphones will be used.

Odd as it may seem, much can be forgiven or go unnoticed with the imaging of video. However, the audio that accompanies the video will make the difference between night and day. Minimally acceptable audio on a video will be a never ending annoyance to a viewer while superlative audio will go unnoticed. Professional audio for a video makes all the difference in the world in the overall quality and viewing experience.


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