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DIY Wedding Videography


April 22, 2009 by admin

The question often arises among couples to be wed, “Why not buy our own HD camcorder and have Uncle Fred video our wedding?”

To answer that question the couple must determine exactly what it is that they would like in a wedding video. If the couple is more interested in home movies of their wedding, then this is probably an EXCELLENT choice that makes sense. If, however, they are looking for a keepsake that captures the sights, sounds, and emotions of the day, consulting with a pro would make sense.

There are a variety of considerations which distinguish professional from consumer videography. Probably none is greater than audio. A professional will mic up the groom and officiant with wirless UHF diversity microphones costing in the mid to high three figures each. He will also take an XLR line from the house sound board to capture whatever is in the public address. Additionally he usually has some audio redundancy with a shotgun mic mounted on one of the cameras. Mastered in the edit room, the audio will capture the sounds of the ceremony completely unlike the ability of any on-board camcorder microphone can do.

There are a number of other considerations in what to expect from a professional videographer which will be covered in subsequent blog posts here.


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