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Closed-Captions Added to Your Video


May 6, 2009 by admin

At W. Cardone Productions we can add subtitling in a very cost-effective manner to the video we produce for you as well as adding it to any existing DVDs or video that you may already have.

Please contact us for a quote but usually for a half-hour video with continuous speech to be captioned, we can add attractive and highly readable subtitles for $800. For the budget minded we can usually cut that cost in half if you will supply us with the text.

When supplying text there is no need to assemble into paragraphs or any other formatting. Keep it simple since the raw text is all that we can use. Any special formatting will be discarded. However, you can include with the text a sample of text formatted as it is to be shown in the finished product. One or two sentences is all that we need.


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