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Seeing Your Bride Walk Down the Isle


May 13, 2009 by admin

One of the classic moments of a wedding is for the groom when he sees his bride walk down the isle with her father. We did one wedding where the groom got distracted just prior to this moment and, being nervous, didn’t realize his bride was walking down the isle until she was nearly there. The bride, of course, had trouble comprehending why her busband-to-be was pre-occupied with something else.

The groom, in moments leading up to the bride walking down the isle, often finds himself just standing at the altar “killing time.” During this time he is often inclined to carry on a conversation with his best man or the officiant in a muffled manner. DON’T DO IT!!!! Remember, you are wearing a quality UHF wireless diversity microphone that even picks up whispers. While in the released video we probably would not want to use the groom’s audio at this moment, there are times when it may be an advantage. Anything the groom says at this point will distract from the video if we were to use it so please, no talking while waiting for the bride to walk the isle.


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