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A Stretch Limo or a Party Bus?


September 23, 2010 by admin

All of us are attracted to what is ultra kool and shiny. It is only natural to look at a book’s cover and decide if we like it or not. However, what lies beneath the ultra kool and sexy hood of a stretch limo? Where does a stretch limo come from?

Stretch limosines come from chop shops where they literally chop a perfectly good and expensive car in half and weld in a midddle piece. Supplemental air conditioning is added as well as other electronic entertainment and convenience items. This may sound like a simple and straight-forward process but it is riddled with problems. They may get 10,000 miles on a set of tires if things go well and electrical anomalies abound. As a result stretch limosines can only serve up to about 40,000 miles of service before being retired.

At weddings we have done throughout Greater Detroit we have observed that it is not uncommon for a bride to arrive at the church late becomes of a stretch limo breaking down.

A party bus, however, was designed to be a party bus and placed in service straight out of the factory. Consider also that you have room to easily more around.

Our advice is to book yourself a party bus. Your chances of arriving at the church on time are greatly improved.


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  2. alicepub says:

    The advice that book a wedding bus is economical and environmental. In my opinion, a bridal car is absolutely not necessary to be too luxury and comfortable one is the most important.

  3. party buses are the coolest vechicles on town, riding them is so much fun “”

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